Expediting Services

Our global network of expediting support can ensure assistance with all delivery timeframes and provide thehighest standards of service. We can manage everyproject from start-up to delivery and our global footprint can provide the local coverage you seek.

Time is money, and getting your materials and equipment to the rig are essential elements in the success of any project. That’s why SOCOTEC Oil&Gas is dedicated to providing value-added resources no mater your requirements and expectations. SOCOTEC Oil&Gas provides properly vetted, experienced and highly qualified technical experts from an extensive global pool of talent and guarantees exceptional performance. Our customers use the information provided by our expeditors to monitor and track delivers and statuses in real time.

Why do you need Expediting Services? “We need it yesterday!” is heard all to often and this is were expediting plays a huge role in the outcome of delivery timeframes for your project. SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ expeditors perform monitoring of equipment and materials at manufacturing shops to verify that your product meets shipment deadlines to reduce risk of rig down-time and increased finical burden of delayed material and equipment. Out of sight/ Out of mind is a major factor that affects deliveries and with our experienced team of expeditors you have the assurance that someone is there guiding the vendors on completing your orders in a timely manner.


  • Project Full-Time Monitoring
  • Vendor Specific Expediting
  • Desk / Coordination Expediting


SOCOTEC Oil&Gas personnel are dedicated to providing the best possible service. A crucial element of this is the reporting process, which enables our clients to fully understand the overall status of their projects. Reports can be prepared on our own reporting format or client specific formatting if required. Training on proper report writing is mandatory with all SOCOTEC Oil&Gas inspectors to ensure sufficient information is captured and relayed back to our customers.

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas Coordination

The SOCOTEC Oil&Gas personnel involved in your project are focused on delivering the best services. Our coordination team is dedicated to all your needs and are recognized for their technical expertise. They work with the customers and inspectors to manage the clients requirements, verifying that all relevant specifications, codes and standards are implemented.

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas Expeditors

Expeditor selection for your projects are based on a many factors from the type of equipment to the location of manufacturing. During the SOCOTEC Oil&Gas employment process all SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ expeditors are vetted verifying competencies and qualifications as well as implementation of any additional training needed for continual improvement. Expeditors are held to SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ highest standards while conducting your business, including reporting and HSE guidelines. During employment all expeditors undergo regular on-site evaluations and mandatory training.

Main Types of Expediting Services

Project Full-Time Monitoring

Through the course of manufacturing SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ expeditors will be present from start to finish on all purchase orders within multiple facilities in the same geographical region. Various parts may be manufactured at multiple vendors within a close proximity of one another and can cause major delays when some parts are not ready for assembly thus causing an impact on the final equipment delivery timeframe. With SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ full-time expeditors you have the peace of mind knowing your equipment and parts will be delivered when they are needed.

Vendor Specific Expediting

We provide all necessary information to our clients concerning all stages of engineering, procurement, fabrication and delivery processes, that are performed on time by their manufacturers in accordance with a known, agreed and reliable production program.

Desk/Coordination Expediting

Some materials and equipment do not have tight timeframes that require full-time monitoring. This is were SOCOTEC Oil&Gas can provide experienced desk expeditors that can follow low critical supplies by monitoring the progress of the orders. Our clients use this to obtain periodic general information such as placement of sub orders, overall progress of the fabrication, and deliveries. SOCOTEC Oil&Gas vendor inspection services can be very beneficial to this process in reducing expediting costs. This allows you to monitor the quality of your parts and equipment and verify the progress of orders with the manufacturer against key milestones.