Manpower Services

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas is the global leader in contingent and permanent Technical personnel, providing companies of all sizes with a continuum of sourcing solutions to enhance business agility and competitiveness in their projects. The deep understanding of business needs, and of the talent required to meet those needs provides SOCOTEC Oil&Gas with a better approach to matching the right individual to the job.

Technical personnel staffing for projects can be a strenuous and a time consuming task. Many projects have very little time to adequately staff personnel needed while carrying out core business functions within the project scope. That’s why SOCOTEC Oil&Gas is dedicated to providing value-added personnel no mater your requirements and expectations. SOCOTEC Oil&Gas provides properly vetted, experienced and highly qualified technical experts from an extensive global pool of talent and guarantees exceptional performance.

Why do you need Manpower Services?

Cost flexibility, as it is easier to increase or decrease the cost, according to the needs. When personnel type of contract is being used, then the cost level matches the real effort. With this type of contract the customer usually pays for the seller’s hours spent on delivering services, and not for any particular deliverables. Less hours means lower cost, and more hours means higher cost. Very unlike the situation with the employed project manager, when costs are being generated even if there’s not enough work for a full-time project manager. This is particularly important in volatile times, when demand can go up or down very quickly, and consequently organizations are generally more cautious in employing new people.

Experiences are brought from outside and they benefit the organization. External experts usually work simultaneously on other projects not related to this organization and they bring these experiences with them. This is not about intellectual capital being stolen, of course. It is about learning from other areas and applying these lessons within your organization.

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas has an extensive database of experienced and authorized industry personnel available for placement on short-term to long-term projects. On top of classical technical assistance services, SOCOTEC Oil&Gas also provides recruitment services, based on it’s Human Resource experience and knowledge of the industry. SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ extensive industry experience consists of Oil & Gas, onshore and offshore, subsea, pipeline, power generation and renewable energy.

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas Manpower

Short-term or Long-term, SOCOTEC can quickly provide reliable resources to meet the needs within your project.

Personnel selection for your projects are based on your needs and we match the highest quality of personnel to meet your needs. During the SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ employment process all SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ personnel are vetted verifying competencies and qualifications along with any additional training needed for continual improvement. Personnel are held to SOCOTEC Oil&Gas’ highest standards while conducting your business, including reporting and HSE guidelines.

  • Engineers
  • Welding Specialists
  • Site Construction / Commissioning Specialists
  • Procurement Specialists
  • Materials Management
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Inspectors
  • NDT Technicians
  • Project Expeditions
  • Site Supervision

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas Coordination

The SOCOTEC Oil&Gas personnel involved in your project are focused on delivering the best services. Our coordination team is dedicated to all your needs and are recognized for their technical expertise. They work with the customers and personnel to manage the clients requirements, verifying that all needs of the customer and personnel are accomplished.

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas has proven experience in manpower services, and has provided Technical Assistance Services for the last 30 years by placing highly qualified personnel to meeting the needs of it’s clients.

The core competency of SOCOTEC Oil&Gas relies on it’s extensive worldwide network of delegates, allowing SOCOTEC to provide adequate service within a very short timeframe.

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas can provide project staff across a wide range of services

SOCOTEC Oil&Gas offers services that take the hassle out of payroll, allowing you to outsource with complete confidence. This allows you to simplify the way you pay for your project technical personnel sourcing without worrying about full-time staff costs. Through our payroll services we enable our clients to dedicate more of their time to the success of their core business.